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Scientists get whimsical

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Even scientists get bored and want to do something a little more creative with all the fancy equipment they have at hand.


German scientists celebrate Christmas

They created 'the world's smallest advent calendar' after work one night. Three students from the University of Regensburg's micro- and nanostructures group created the traditional 24-day calendar with images for the open doors dated December 1 through 6. The doors open to images that include a church, Santa Claus, a bell, stars, a snowman, and a candle. The stained glass windows in the church measure about 20 nanometres (twenty billionths of a metre). Meant for the group's Christmas greeting on their home page, the rectangular calendar measures 8.4 microns x 12.4 microns (8.4 millionths x 12.4 millionths of a metre) with 'Merry Christmas from nanonic' in German at the bottom.[1]



Copyright 2007 University of Regensburg.  For permission and

licensing info., see Copyright and permissions.


Japanese scientists create a noodle bowl

Entered in a microphotography competition in May 2008, the world's smallest ramen in a bowl image was originally produced in December 2006. Professor Masayuki Nakao and his students of The Nakao Hamaguchi Lab at the University of Tokyo produced 'carbon nanotube ramen' in a microscopic bowl measuring one thousandth of a millimetre. "We believe it is the smallest ramen bowl with the smallest portion of noodles though they're not edible," Nakao said.[2]

For permissions and licensing info., see Copyright and permissions.


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