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Artful Nano

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"For my own work which I call nanotechno, the definition I've gravitated toward is 'envisioning the invisible'," says [Jack] Mason.[1] The artist (who is also an IBM employee) is getting at one of the most difficult aspects of nanotechnology, trying to describe it. He and other artists can help us to visualize what happens at scales our sense fail to perceive. (For another attempt to define nanotechnology, from Jump joints, click on The Science behind Nanotech.)


BlueBoronic inspired by nanoparticles of cubic boronic nitride. (Copyright Jack Mason) For permission and licensing info., see Copyright and permissions.


(To see more of Mason's artwork, under Leaving the Mysteries, click on Jack Mason.)


Scientists, too, can offer artistic, visual representations of their nanotechnology work. Or, they can use nanotechnology to help art conservators rediscover old masters. (For more about nanotechnology and art from a science perspective, from Jump points, click on Scientists get artful.)


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The Science behind Nanotech


Jump points

Scientists get artful


Leaving the mysteries

Jack Mason



  1. Orfescu, Cris (2008) Nanoart Pioneers - Interview with Jack Mason. Nanotechnology Now, January 8, 2008 [Online article]. (Accessed Jan. 8, 2008 from http://www.nanotech-now.com/columns/?article=153)

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